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Identification of the accused in the Sarpanch murder case in Chandigarh, the truth behind the incident.

Chandigarh: In the matter of killing and killing of bullets out of Sector-38 Vast Gurdwara, Satnanch of Sarpanch of Khandwa, Hoshiarpur, the police has registered three FIRs and FIRs have been registered. Have been included in The names of the three accused, identified by the families of Satnam on the basis of a video recordings viral about the incident, were included in the police. Those who killed Satnam in the video were identified by family members as Dilpreet, Harindra Singh Rinda and Harindra alias Akash. Police has already registered a case of murder against Tirath, Bobby, Arshadeep and one other. PGI police on Monday In the post-mortem of Satnam’s body, he handed over to the family.

The car whose number
came in the charge of murdering fake Satnam, His number was given to the police by the brothers and saints of Satnam’s brother. The investigation revealed that this number was fake. A mobile video has been taken by the police, in which three assailants are seen attacking the iron rod on Satnam and attacking the rifle. On the basis of this, the relatives of Satnam identified the attackers and told their names to the police. Pratins of Satnam said that the people who are killing Satnam in the video are Dilpreet, Harindra Singh Rinda and Harindra alias Akash. Harindra Singh Rinda is Wanted of Chandigarh and Punjab Police. P.U. The police are looking for him in the shootings. Police have announced the reward of Rs 50 thousand on the accused. There are also many cases registered against him in Punjab. Prince

charged with imposing supari killing
said that his brother was murdered under conspiracy. The accused, who were murdered, had earlier visited their village and all the places where Satnam was going to last. They came here when they came to know about the accompaniment of Satnam to come to the forehead in Sector-38 Gurdwara. Prince also said that the killers have links with a gang of Punjab. The members of this gang have recently executed various killings at various places in Punjab. Intention of intention to murder

or panic was intent on
police in this confusion whether the assailants had attacked with the intention of killing Satnam or they only injured him severely in his mind. Wanted to sit The way the murderers have fired one bullet bully on the Satnam all over, He feels that he had come to kill him but when he is given attention that he has shot Saturn on his hands and feet. It seems to him that he had only come to wound him badly.

After the arrival of brother from Canada, the last rites
Prince said that his brother Jang Bahadur lives in Canada. He has been given information about the murder of Satnam. He has already been preparing to come to India. Jung Bahadur will reach the village on 12th April. After this, the last rites of Satnam will be performed.

Since 1993
, cousins ​​of Satnam Satnam told that this hostility from their family has been going on for many years. Satnam’s father Sampoor Singh was also a witness in the case of a murder in the village many years ago. They were also shot dead that they could not testify. Then this hostility remains intact. First marks the brother of Satnam and now